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That's What She Said

Recently my husband and I went on a vacation for which he arranged the lodging at an AirBnB. He really didn’t tell me much about the place until we were on our way. All he said was, “The house is owned by a visually impaired artist, and it’s only 2 blocks from the beach.”

We arrived at the house to find the owner there. He hadn’t told me she was going to be there, not because he was trying to hide it, but because he didn’t realize it. As the owner was showing us around the house, I noticed all the small fans blowing.

As she took us to our room, where 2 more fans were blowing hot air around, I looked at my husband and asked if there was air conditioning. He shrugged his shoulders. I asked the owner and she said “No, it’s stated on my site.” It was 94 degrees and extremely humid. :(

We brought the rest of our stuff in and two cats greeted us. My husband is not a fan of household cats. I asked him if he knew the place had cats, he nodded, but said he didn’t think they would be around us. It is obvious to me that we were in their house and where ever they wanted to be, they were allowed to be ;)