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6 Questions to Stop Cookie Cutter IEPs

Recently, I had a conversation with a parent of a child with an IEP. We were discussing her son’s strengths and his needs for a few minutes. She didn’t feel he was progressing as she thought he would. Then she asked me what services I thought would be best for her son. The conversation proceeded like this.

Me: What services is he receiving currently?

Parent: Resource help for math and reading.

Me: How many minutes per week?

Parent: About an hour a day

Me: For both or each?

Parent: Both, I think.

Me: How is it broken down per subject?

Parent: 30 minutes each, I think.

Me: When does he get these minutes?

Parent: in the afternoon

Me: Who provides the services?

Parent: His teacher

Me: Which teacher?

Parent: Um, I think the special education teacher.

Me: Do you know the teacher’s name?

Parent: Yes, Mrs. Smith but sometimes Mrs. Jones.

Me: Who is Mrs. Jones?

Parent: An aide at school.

Me: I thought you said he was getting his resource help from his special education teacher?