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One Stop Shop: Education Links for Parents and Educators

UPDATED as of 11-1-2020. I have checked the links and offers of free or free trial periods. What is remaining on the list fits those criteria at the time of posting. I apologize if any links do not work or the free promotions are no longer valid.

I have put together a list of free or free trial websites for both educators and parents to use. I have them categorized for Educators (but parents can look too ;) ) and subject area. I will add more to this list as I see them. Please visit my Facebook, or Instagram page or website for more tips.

50 States Guidances on COVID 19 Remote Learning

Mental Health Helps Great resource for anxiety and stress ideas

📷 Educator and Therapist Links 30 Day free trial Grades 3-6 Free trial and some always free material art, history, language, and literature A collection of free math websites for teachers It is free to get started Middle school subjects Middle-high school ideas online coding and computer science curriculum specifically for teens. It teaches JavaScript, web programming, design, and more Not free, $1 for the first month, then a cost every month. Intervention tool to identify and remedy gaps in a student’s education. It uses artificial intelligence to tailor the learning experience to the learner, much like an actual teacher in the classroom would. K-5 30 day free trial I had students raise their reading level by 2 grades in 1 year! Shelley K Article with ideas for providing telehealth to early childhood students Technical Assistance and Training System website Free trial BOOM Cards and Boom Learning Free Basic plan Digital Classroom Hero that connects to Google Classroom

**If your school system utilizing the programs LANGUAGE! and Transmath then your students have an interactive text they can access through their student port.

**If you use Google, there is an extension called read and write.  It has many features that you might find helpful including a way for you to select a passage and have your student read it while recording themselves and them thru send it to you

📷 English/Writing/Reading Typing, digital literacy, and coding Free Free trial and some always free material free get a pen pal anywhere in the world free for 30 days K-5

Early Childhood Education Online Speech program some free

📷 Math free trial (daily limit of free questions) 30 day free trial for ages 8-13 in several subjects

📷 Social Studies

📷 Science

📷 PE-all free kids earn points as they go through

Go to and type in Yoga for’ll get hundreds of free options

📷 Art Virtual Tour of the Smithsonian printable coloring pages online coloring options

📷Questions about FAPE and or compensatory services

From the Department of Education

Article and tips for dealing with the situation An article about the benefits of having a therapy dog for a child with autism. LOTS of articles and videos about collaborative ways to work with the schools right now material on dealing with and managing stress and anxiety, some free

📷Link to Apps available for children with special needs

Virtual Field Trips and Other PBS kids free worksheets for all elementary grades and subjects (my favorite) fee to join but many items are also free free activities of all kinds Free Recording and sharing of short videos for lessons

Educational Game websites all subjects and various levels

This is a picture of an example schedule. It is just for an idea, you do not have to follow this schedule. If it works for your family, then please use it.📷

How to deal with the anxiety going on currently.


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