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I Did It!

I am 49 years old and last week I did something that I have never done. I have never even attempted this or anything like it. In fact, I was looked at questioningly when I said I was going to do it. I had my concerns that I would be capable as well. There was doubt and worry in the men's faces when I left with the equipment necessary to do the job. These men were kind men but the Shelley they know had never exhibited any tendency or skill toward what I told them I was going to do. One of the men apologized that he couldn’t go along and help me or do the job himself. It was pure kindness, encouragement, and generosity albeit with skepticism in my skills or ability.

When I arrived a few hours later to return the tools I borrowed and showed them the video of the finished product, I was on cloud 9! They were elated for me as well. One of them gave me a hug and the other high fived me. They were genuinely happy for me and impressed that I was able to do the job. I was quite