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First Meeting

Recently I went to a new doctor's office. I sat in the waiting room for just a few minutes before hearing my name. I followed this nice person down a hall into a room filled with people. There was a large table with many people seated around it and the nice person who escorted me pointed at a chair for me. I sat down and looked around the table, it felt a little like what I believe a firing squad would feel like. All eyes were on me.

After a few seconds, but what felt like minutes, one of the people spoke up. She introduced herself as the doctor, then one by one the introductions came rapid fire from around the table, a nurse, an office manager, someone from bookkeeping, the nurse practitioner, a physicians assistant, and another one or two people whose names and titles escape me. Everyone at the table seemed to know my name and something about me, yet I knew none of them.

Once the introductions were finished, it was decide