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Did that really just happen?

I have been presenting information to teachers on topics such as Accommodations and Modifications, Behavior, Inclusion, Classroom Management, and Cognitive Biases related to Special Education for a couple of years now. I have been confident, prepared, and the presentations have gone well. Recently, I gave a presentation on Cognitive Bias to a group of local business people.

In all of my presentations I use Google Slides. I like using Google because as long as I have access to the Internet I have access to my presentations. I was presenting to this group of business people in a location I hadn't presented before so I called ahead to make sure I would be able to access Google and have somewhere to project the presentation. I was told that all was good. I practiced, made notes, and even printed out the slides on a handout, just in case. The day of the presentation I arrived 40 minutes early to get everything set up. The first person I asked about presenting was pretty helpful but we couldn't quite get things running. So she directed me to s