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This book is a must read and an eye opener into the lives of special needs families, especially for people who don't really know children who learn differently. The stories of the struggles of special needs individuals and the sacrifices demanded of their families will tear at your heart. You won't see these special families in the same light again. The book is well worth your time. ~Amazon Reviewer

"I have never read a book like this." Council for Exceptional Children Reviewer


"For the first time, I finally know what is happening with my child at school." ~ Jayna F

"...this lady works hard at what she does and knows what she's doing!" ~Wendy R.

"I will never attend another IEP meeting without Shelley present!" ~Dana B

"I actually felt like our concerns were heard and taken into consideration." ~Shanelle P 


Very thorough presentation! ~Robin B., Supt

Good material~Jason R., Supt 

Exactly what my teachers needed! ~Erick B., Supt

"I learn so much every time I hear Shelley present!" ~Bria R., Sp Ed Teacher

"I've been involved with 100's of IEPs and didn't know some of what Shelley taught." ~anonymous

"One of my favorite presentations at the ILCCBD 2020 Winter Drive In-'Behavior -Lessons for a Lifetime' ~anonymous

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