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Those Who "Can't..." Teach ebook

Those Who "Can't..." Teach ebook


This book will have you going from "can't" to "CAN."  Each chapter is derived from interviews with the individual or the loved ones of an individual with a disability and will you have rethinking what you believe to know about people with disabilities. 

By looking through a different lens, this book will challenge you to reflect on your thoughts about, and behaviors toward, individuals with disabilities.  It will open your eyes to all the hidden struggles and possibilities children and their families encounter.


Each of us has a one in six chance of an interaction with someone daily who has a disability.  Having an understanding of the similarities but also the differences in their life compared to your own will help make your interactions even better.  Once you have read one chapter and certainly after you have read them all, your perspective will be changed and you will never look at anyone the same way again.


One reader said:  "This book is a must read and an eye opener into the lives of special needs families, especially for people who don't really know children who learn differently. The stories of the struggles of special needs individuals and the sacrifices demanded of their families will tear at your heart. You won't see these special families in the same light again. The book is well worth your time. "  


Another reader said: "The stories are great and the writing is excellent. One of the best reads I’ve had in a long time."

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