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IEP Check Up

IEP Check Up


Shelley will consult with you to discover your top 3 concerns.  Then she will take a look at your child's IEP from cover to cover and develop a report with recommendations and findings.  She will also help you write a letter to the school district if necessary. Shelley has a guaranteed turn around of two weeks from the date she receives the IEP.  If you need a guaranteed review in less time than that, there may be an additional $25 fee charged.

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    Shelley Kenow provides guidance, training, advocacy, records analysis, and recommendations based on her experience and knowledge background. Shelley Kenow will make every effort to support clients in obtaining appropriate educational services for their child but cannot guarantee any particular outcome. Shelley Kenow or New Branch Solutions, LLC shall not be held liable to the client for any acts or omissions in the performance of services, except when such acts or omissions are due to willful misconduct or due negligence. The client shall hold Shelley Kenow, New Branch Solutions, LLC free from any loss, claims, damages, judgments, attorney's fees, costs, and obligations arising from services provided by Shelley Kenow unless such loss resulted from Shelley Kenow's willful misconduct or due negligence and she is found guilty of willful misconduct or due negligence in a court of law.

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I am not a lawyer and therefore offer no legal advice.  My advice is non-binding.
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