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I Love You, but Not Your Behaviors

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

When I began as a special educator 28 years ago never did I dream I would come to love all of my students as much as I did. Each year I would get a new group of students and each year I would find myself loving all their unique qualities. I learned as much if not more from my students as I taught them. I have worked with kids in the general education setting without an IEP and kids with eligibilities in 11 of the 13 categories under the federal IDEA law; Specific Learning Disability, Autism, Intellectual Disabilities, Traumatic Brain Injury, Orthopedic impairments, Vision Impairments, Hearing Impairment, Social/Emotional Disabilities, Speech Impairment, Multiple Disabilities, and Other Health Impaired. Within these categories were children with Down Syndrome, Chromosomal Abnormalities, Cerebral