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Level Up Your Student's IEPs

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Our students deserve an IEP that truly represents them, is individualized, and holds them and us to high standards. I believe every IEP can be better, even if it is already great. I thought my IEPs fit all the criteria I mentioned, but found out, they could have been better. This course will teach you all that I have learned so you, too, can Level Up Your Students' IEP. I thought I knew all about the IEP document and process. I have been a special educator for over 25 years, have written 1000's of goals/objectives and accommodations/modifications, and attended 100's of IEP meetings. However, I took a mentor ship that opened my eyes to a whole lot of the IEP I was leaving out or not completing in the appropriate way. I also came to the realization that if I, someone who has a Bachelor's Degree in Special Education and had attended a dozen or more special education law professional development courses in my career, didn't know all the components and parts of the IEP there were probably others. I developed this course with both special education and general education teachers in mind. However, administrators could benefit as well, especially those with little special education knowledge or experience.

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