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Recommendations for Remote Learning-IL

This is an Illinois State Board of Education Remote Learning Recommendations summary. The Recommendations were released on March 27, 2020. I have included the direct links if you would like to peruse the entire 64 page document or the 3 page Emergency Rule. I have pulled out the parts that specifically related to special education and what I felt you as the parent would want to know. There are other parts in the document that cover all the remaining general education guidelines for specific grades and multilingual students. Please follow me on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or contact me through email for further assistance with the information contained in this post or other special education needs you have.

Emergency Rule

Each Remote Learning Day Plan shall address all of the following:

A) Accessibility of the remote instruction to all students enrolled in the school or district.

B) When applicable, a requirement that the Remote Learning Days activities reflect the State learning standards.

C) Means for students to confer with an educator, as necessary.

D) The unique needs of students in special populations, including, but not limited, students eligible for special education under Article 14 of the Code, students who are English learners, as defined by Section 14C-2 of the Code, students experiencing homelessness under the Education for Homeless Children Act [105 ILCS 45], or vulnerable student populations.

Each Remote Learning Day Plan shall be posted on the school's or district's Internet website where other policies, rules, and standards of conduct are posted and shall be provided to students and faculty.

Illinois State Board of Education Remote Learning Recommendations

During this time, students with special needs and IEPs should be given the opportunity to

continue with learning that is consistent for all students. This learning will be based on the

individual IEP.

As educators work to implement these recommendations, we call upon everyone to assume flexibility and grace for all.

The following recommendations and guidelines are presented as suggested minimum and maximum times of engagement by each student in remote learning activities.

Grade Level Minimum Maximum Recommended Length of

Sustained Attention

PreK 20 min/day 60 min/day 3-5 minutes

K 30 min/ day 90 min/day 3-5 minutes

1-2 45 min/day 90 min/day 5-10 minutes

3-5 60 min/day 120 min/day 10-15 minutes 6-8 Class:15 min/day Class: 30 min/day 1 subject area or class Total: 90 min/day Total: 180 min/day

9-12 Class: 20 min/day Class: 45 min/day Total:120 min/day Total: 270 min/day 1 subject area or class

Further, we encourage teachers to give additional optional work, engagement opportunities, and enrichment opportunities (e.g., independent research projects) as long as it is made clear to students and families that the work is optional and will not negatively impact a student’s grade.